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We danced to Justin Bieber’s”Somebody to Love” (5 year old Weslie choreographed).Well, each experience will be different from one dancer to the next. And second, was right before our first kiss as husband and wife.Hahahaha there were so many — from Color Me Badd’s “Sex You Up” to Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together” to Justin Bieber’s “Somebody to Love” (our daughter Weslie’s personal favorite) to Usher’s “OMG”. And during that time we had to control ourselves not to kiss for the entire ceremony. And, our dances with our parents were a stand out as well. I have to say though, I have never heard or felt the crowd going as crazy as they did when Alex and I did “Outta Your Mind”.“Fix You” from season 7 is one of my favorite moments on that stage as the story is so close to my a huge opportunity, and I would love to continue to grow in that part of my life. Followed by “Possibly Maybe” on season 9, that dance pushed my acting skills [further] than ever before. Weslie has shown a little bit of interest in dance.Typically weddings have people up and down on the dance floor and the DJ welcomes people to dance — but at our wedding people forgot to eat because they couldn’t stop dancing.Battle circles started, my daughter battled the one and only Cyrus (“Glitch”) ,there was a Soul Train Line, and of course a special surprise performance from the Bride & Groom and our daughter Weslie.So me parents drove me from Utah to Los Angeles to audition. I heard from a couple of other dancers that they were going to try out the next day, so I thought “Why not? Well, I had no idea the journey I was embarking on. Ivan was the poster child for a lot of us as street dancers to go on to a show like this and thrive. And seeing his growth as a dancer and as a person, to now being my husband had been such a wonderful unique experience. Allison, in season two you memorably danced a Tyce Diorio contemporary routine with Ivan Koumaev to “Why? That’s often remembered as the show’s breakthrough moment in marrying a hip hop and contemporary dancer.

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When t Witch’s character-perfect proposal went viral, fans balanced their heartbreak that the hunky comic book nerd and beautiful single mom were off the market with their glee at the loveliness of their partnership.

Over ten years of, there have been very few performers who have captured the hearts of the viewers quite like Allison and t Witch, despite the fact that neither of them actually won their season.

In season two, 18-year-old Allison Holker showed up with outrageous technique and soulful acting to raise the bar for contemporary dancers in the Top 20 while partnering an untrained hip hop dancer in the show’s first successful marriage of the two styles.

We figured that we perform choreography all the time so it would be nice to just do what we wanted to do and not succumb to the pressures of putting on a show for our first dance. When we knew the “now you may kiss your bride” line was coming I looked at her and said “I’m about to kiss the shit out of you.” At the time it was romantic, only in that occasion.

But I have seen pro dancers do it BIG and that is awesome too!!! It’s because we were so anxious to kiss each other.

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