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Miles came to Trinidad as a patient and never really left. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Marci,” Miles said.Miles remembers when, five or six years ago, a letter writer to the Trinidad Chronicle News called sex-reassignment patients sinners who should be run out of town.“My slogan was going to be ‘instead of coming to Trinidad for a sex change, come to Trinidad for sex for a change,’ ” she said.But last week, Cometto, a Trinidad native, hauled out the last empty wine bottle, swept the dust out of the five guest rooms and locked up the Victorian guesthouse for good.The author was slapped down by letters that were pretty much variations on a theme: mind your own business.Miles sees that Western live-and- let-live philosophy all over town.Biber started the gender-reassignment thing in Trinidad but not intentionally.He was an Iowa boy who showed up in Trinidad after serving as a surgeon in a Korean War MASH unit, said Ella Biber, his fourth wife, whom he was married to for 24 years.

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“Trinidad learned to respect their privacy,” Hot Spot owner Velarde said of the transgender patients. He was Jewish in a town that, back then, was overwhelmingly Catholic.

“Generations grew up knowing that’s just what happens in Trinidad.” Beginnings of a reputation Mike Gerardo, like most Trinidadians of his era, was ushered into life by Bowers’ predecessor, Dr. But somehow he fit in so well that the community didn’t just embrace Biber. “He could diagnose you just by looking at you,” Gerardo said.

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