Turning off microsoft word auto dating

When the "Capitalize..." option is enabled, Word Perfect automatically capitalizes most words that follow a period or an exclamation point, which the program assumes is "end of sentence" punctuation.If that option is disabled, Word Perfect will not automatically capitalize words that follow a period or an exclamation point.An unfortunate side effect of this diversity, however, is that Excel 2010 will try to make assumptions about the information you are entering.

Suppose you type “2-2” in Excel it becomes “02-Feb” automatically, so to prevent this automatic formatting of numbers into date in Excel follow simple steps below.Should you wish to leave the option enabled, you can click the "Exceptions" button and add words that you don't want WP to capitalize to the Exceptions list.After you add words to the list, be sure to click "OK" to save your changes. Jan Actually, as I look more closely at how the "Exceptions" list works, I see that you add abbreviations (text that ends with a period, such as "etc."), not words that you won't want WP to capitalize.The first time I ever encountered the automatic date formatting in Excel, I assumed that I had done something incorrect.So I went back to the cell that had been automatically converted to a date, erased the data, then carefully entered my information again.

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