Umbraco user control not updating

Such a layout improved the extendibility of Laravel 4, which was paired with its official regular release schedule spanning six months between minor point releases.

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Laravel 5.1, released in June 2015, is the first release of Laravel to receive long-term support (LTS), with planned availability of bug fixes for two years and security patches for three years.

See him smiling here, he’s the guy on the final picture. You cannot set the timeout as a property of the page itself; it is a property of the global Server object.

The timeout for a page request depends whether you are running debug or release code. In debug mode the timeout is 30000000 seconds which is about a year. Set it in the page init event and reset it in the page unload event.

In some cases it can take quite some time for the web server to complete your webpage.

Setting a time out is not that difficult but Googling around you will either find over complicated scenarios or a very simple and clear story in Dutch.

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