Under age dating laws canada

The explicit goal of the legislation, outlined in a justice department position paper, was to reduce the demand for prostitution by “discouraging entry into it, deterring participation in it and ultimately abolishing it to the greatest extent possible.”On one, limited, level, that strategy appears to be working.

“I think it’s changed for the guys since the law’s changed,” says “Stacy,” who works in a massage parlour in Edmonton.

People say they’re retiring from “the hobby,” as they call it, or taking a break.

Nunzio Tramontozzi, the head of the department’s human trafficking division.“A lot of these girls, what happens is the guys will say that they’re 19 or 20 or 21,” Tramontozzi says.“They’ll walk away long enough to figure out: ‘How can I do this safely?’” But eventually, most, if not all of them, will be back.Clients become more cautious as they try to gauge the police reaction and the new risks.But the market doesn’t go away in the long run.“I’ve seen it in these various [online] forums,” he says.

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