Updating firefox mac

I refuse to update working hardware with software which will make it slow & useless.As an example, I currently have Dreamweaver, Firefox with 12 tabs, Mac Mail, i Tunes, Illustrator, Photoshop & trillian running on my machine, with plenty of power to spare.Select and remove the Dashlane extension from there.Please note that if, at this point, you're prompted to install the extension in Firefox instead of uninstalling it, you should proceed to installing the extension directly, and you may then skip the following last paragraph.If Firefox says that Dashlane is incompatible but you're using the latest public release of Firefox, don't worry. You just have to upgrade Dashlane and it should be working.To upgrade Dashlane, open Dashlane and select Tools → Check for Updates.Update on Mac OS X by checking for updates in the Mac App Store or by opening Dashlane and selecting Dashlane → Check for updates in the top bar menu.Please check your Dashlane icon on your desktop or taskbar.

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I cannot replace a machine due to bloaty software and I in particular hate it when an OS gets bloaty.

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It would now appear that Mozilla have brought forward ending support for older versions of OSX and in turn ended support for people wanting to run older hardware.

I run older hardware because ethically I can’t justify replacing a perfectly serviceable machine. It feels like Apple are forcing people’s hands more and more with bloated ios updates and slow software.

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