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Of course, for relatively small data sets the difference between two methods presented in the article will be minimal if any.Below are the actual benchmarking results that were obtained by running both scripts side by side 10 times in a row: As you can see, using collections resulted in a slightly better performance.Refer to the ERD below for more details: CREATE TABLE CUSTOMERS ( CUSTOMER_ID NUMBER NOT NULL, CUSTOMER_NAME VARCHAR2 (100) NOT NULL, CONSTRAINT PK_CUSTOMERS PRIMARY KEY ( CUSTOMER_ID ) ) ; / CREATE TABLE ITEMS ( ITEM_ID NUMBER NOT NULL, ITEM_DESCRIPTION VARCHAR2 (50) NOT NULL, ITEM_PRICE NUMBER NOT NULL, CONSTRAINT PK_ITEMS PRIMARY KEY ( ITEM_ID ) ) ; / CREATE TABLE ORDERS ( ORDER_ID NUMBER NOT NULL, ORDER_DATE DATE NOT NULL, CUSTOMER_ID NUMBER, CONSTRAINT PK_ORDERS PRIMARY KEY ( ORDER_ID ) ) ; ALTER TABLE ORDERS ADD CONSTRAINT FK_CUSTOMER FOREIGN KEY (CUSTOMER_ID) REFERENCES CUSTOMERS (CUSTOMER_ID) ; / CREATE TABLE ORDER_ITEMS ( ORDER_LINE_ID NUMBER NOT NULL, ORDER_ID NUMBER NOT NULL, ITEM_ID NUMBER NOT NULL, CONSTRAINT PK_ORDER_ITEMS PRIMARY KEY ( ORDER_LINE_ID ) ) ; ALTER TABLE ORDER_ITEMS ADD CONSTRAINT FK_ITEM FOREIGN KEY (ITEM_ID) REFERENCES ITEMS (ITEM_ID) ; ALTER TABLE ORDER_ITEMS ADD CONSTRAINT FK_ORDER FOREIGN KEY (ORDER_ID) REFERENCES ORDERS (ORDER_ID) ; / As you can see, every time the customer finalizes the order we have to insert order details into the Orders table and insert a row for every item in the shopping cart into the Order_Items table.Typically, a multi-insert operation like this would be handled by executing the While this approach is a perfectly fine way to handle multiple inserts (except for starting a transaction would help to ensure the integrity of the data being inserted), executing every SQL statement through the OCI8 wrapper would require a lot of repeated communication between the database and the Web server, which may get expensive in terms of computing resources.Since you don't need to manipulate the data in the collection (i.e.to add, delete, or move the elements once the collection is created), you'll use VARRAY here. In order to let the database handle all the work, you have to do two things: Define the collection type, so it can be referenced in tables and procedures; and create the procedure that will read collection's content and insert the data in the Order_Items table.The next step is to create the procedure: CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE update_order(order_id IN NUMBER,arr_items IN v_arr) IS BEGIN FOR i IN 1 ..

For example, assign Elem function can be used to assign values to particular elements within the collection; get Elem returns current value of an element within the collection, max returns the maximum possible number of elements, and size return the current number of elements in the collection.Here, -1 instructs the driver to use the current length of the variable as the maximum length.OCI8_B_NTY constant indicates that we are using the named datatype.If you are using PHP 5.1.2 you can implement the above functionality without creating the collection object by using OCI8 new function oci_bind_array_by_name.(However, as of this writing, this function hasn't been documented, so use it at your own risk.) Here's how the code would like if you used oci_bind_array_by_name: $stmt = oci_parse($db,"BEGIN UPDATE_ORDER(:order_id,:arr_items); END;"); oci_bind_by_name($stmt,':order_id',$order_id); oci_bind_array_by_name($stmt,':arr_items',$arr_order_items,15,15, SQLT_NUM); oci_execute($stmt); statements.

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