Updating my mio gps

The progress bar indicates the progress of the updating.

When the "Update complete" message appears, click OK.

Garmin charges £50 for a single update, or £75 for updates for the lifetime of your satnav.

Mio charges £40 for a one-time update of the UK/Ireland map, and £50 for Western Europe.

Now it's just stalling on the last step, with the time remaining sitting at 2hrs 16mins. Any way to fix this, or am I better off just to Chuck my brand new 0 device and find something else?

That means your satnav’s maps will become less accurate as time goes on.Here are the links to the relevant pages to download the appropriate software for your satnav: Tom Tom’s charges depend on how old your map is, with 40 percent off if your map is 3-6 months old.If it’s more than three years old, you get no discount.Bear in mind that updates can be expensive – costing almost as much as you paid for the satnav in the first place - and it might be worth putting the money towards a new, better-featured satnav which will come with the latest maps.(Plus, new satnavs almost universally have a 90-day ‘latest map guarantee’ which means that if a new version is released within three months of purchasing, you are entitled to download it and update your device for free.) There are two main ways to update maps on a satnav.

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