Updating n810

This is good, as the applications that actually come with the N810 are fairly limited.

Also limited is the supply of third-party applications, but I’m hoping this will change as people realize what a brilliant device this is.

It’s not huge, though: 5-inches wide, 2.8-inches high, and 0.55-inches thick. If you want a comparison, it’s fairly close to the size of the Palm TX. Keyboard and Buttons The N810 may be about the size of a Palm TX, but it includes something the TX doesn’t: a keyboard.

Because of its generous size this is one of the easiest portable keyboards I’ve typed on.

I go into this in more depth in the Battery Life section of this review.

It’s the browser that makes this a very powerful device, as the tasks you can perform on the Web have expanded tremendously in recent years.

For example, I’m writing this review almost entirely on the N810 in Google Docs & Sheets.

It also lets you watch You Tube videos, work with your email, and a whole raft of other functions.

This Linux-based device lets you connect to the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot with 802.11b/g, and if that isn’t enough, it can connect via Bluetooth to a mobile phone.

You can then access the Web with the best mobile browser currently available, watch streaming video, make Vo IP calls, and much more.

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