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The RBC calculations are maintained by the NAIC Capital Adequacy (E) Task Force and its working groups and subgroups.

In recognition of the evolving risk landscape, the NAIC’s current focus has been on adding granularity to its reporting categories or expanding the risks quantified in the RBC formula.

As a generic formula, every single risk exposure of a company is not necessarily captured in the formula.

The formula focuses on the material risks that are common for the particular insurance type.

Before RBC was created, regulators used fixed capital standards as a primary tool for monitoring the financial solvency of insurance companies.

Under fixed capital standards, owners are required to supply the same minimum amount of capital, regardless of the financial condition of the company.

More detail on these and other revisions for the 2017 RBC reporting can be found in the most current Life RBC Newsletter, Fraternal RBC Newsletter, Health RBC Newsletter and P/C RBC Newsletter.

The Fund’s objective is to seek to maximize current income and total return.

The purpose of the formula is to establish a minimum capital requirement based on the types of risks to which a company is exposed.The Double Line Core Fixed Income team believes that active asset allocation of the Fund’s investments is of paramount importance in their efforts to mitigate risk and achieve better risk-adjusted returns.Retail and Institutional Class No Load Mutual Fund Double Line Core Fixed Income Fund diversifies sector allocation across a broad range of fixed income sectors including Government, Mortgage-Backed Securities, Global Diversified Credits, International and Emerging Markets tactically allocating gradually to maximize total returns.For example, an insurer that breaches the Company Action Level must produce a plan to restore its RBC levels.This could include adding capital, purchasing reinsurance, reducing the amount of insurance it writes, or pursuing a merger or acquisition.

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