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Mo Block is an application that enables you to block internet traffic based on large lists of IP address ranges in order to protect your privacy.

A simple VPN service like Hide My Ass is inexpensive and will hide your identity after setting up their service. Also on the list are spyware and advertising companies, which helps block unwanted programs on your computer to annoy you with popups and similar crap. Well, since around 2006 a company named Bluetack provides the standard list, and they come up with the presumably right entries by scanning the Internet for IPs registered by groups or companies considered bad for any reason.

It’s been a long time since the first release, and around 6 years ago, this little Windows-only program (Windows 7 is also supported by Peer Block) was running on a lot of computers, particularly from people interested in data exchange, e Donkey2000, torrents – you name it, so it was interesting to see how little had changed since then.

The usage is nearly identical, just type "pglcmd" instead of "blockcontrol". Note: Since version 0.9 RC1 Mo Block no longer conflicts with other firewalls.

But you have to make sure that Mo Block is started after them and the iptables rules don't get changed later.

It certainly helps to feel protected, and on top of that, Peer Block also blocked u Torrent from displaying annoying ads.

Our computer didn’t seem to slow down much either, with the task manager reporting almost no RAM and only 0-1% CPU usage, so it doesn’t seem like modern computers have any problems with it, which was definitely not the case on older systems.

What about the efficiency of the underlying principle: Is this program able to replace other protection such as VPNs?Critics point out that someone seriously trying to track you won’t use any IPs listed on Peer Blocks lists or any other list, and that the lists can’t always be up-to-date.“Good” peers on P2P networks are also said to get blocked frequently, so that users actually loose speed and potential sharing partners, and even the game servers from Battlefield 2, Blizzard, Steeam and Arena Net get blocked, causing serious trouble for many gamers.However, Bluetack has been critizised several times for blocking IPs from completely harmless sites, such as the CCC, a well-known organization supporting file sharing, for dubious reasons. Personally, we don’t think it’s worth it: Protection is not nearly strong enough to unsubscribe from your VPN service or download without worry.If you need privacy and want to share files, get a VPN, period – anything else is a very risky gamble indeed.

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