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Migrating/upgrading from a physical server to an LDOM will entail some hiccups, as will upgrading from Solaris 9 to 10.Boot newly created ldom into single-user mode and then pkgrm all Veritas software and also edit the /etc/system file to ensure any remnant of veritas from the physical incarnation of the system are removed as well.In the following post I’d like to go through in a step-by-step manner an upgrade process of Solaris OS.My goal is to jump from Solaris 9 right into Solaris 10 wagon and cause as minimal downtime as possible.After all this clean up & verification work, just reboot the system once, however this is optional!!! This is how you can migrate your all servers from UFS to ZFS.

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After copying over the data I'm going to change the mount points. The metadevices stats are as below - Verify you do not left with any SVM metadb using metadb -i command, after executing metadb -i command it should return nothing. Our next job is to add free disk to ZFS rpool as a mirror disk, to do so we will first format the disk c0t1d0 and make slice 0 encompass the whole disk. Now, we need to make our single-disk ZPool into a two-way mirror.

This blog is written from both my research and my experience.

The methods I describe herein are those that I have used and that have worked for me.

It is highly recommended that you do further research on this subject.

If you choose to use this document as a guide, you do so at your own risk. Introduction: I’m having a server running Solaris 10 [Solaris 10 10/09], upgraded from Solaris 9 using Live Upgrade.

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