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On the moment of purchase the price of my TV was 69, and after a three days it went down to 19, when I called Amazon they immediatelly returned bucks on my credit card. No tax and free shipping you have got nothing to lose. I researched plasma tv set's for a while,before making my decision...priced them at major store's like... It had better feature's like glare proof finish...549 billion lifelike colors as opposed to Panasonic's 29 billion colors...phone jack... Then the price.into play...course had the best price..shipping.Tax... Here I am 2013(7) Seven years later updating my Review...

Delivery "Eagle" guys always made calls prior to delivery, initially it was scheduled for delivery at 10 am, but since they were running late waiting for some customers, they called me again and said about it. Two reviews made me worry by talking about buzzing noise coming from the back of the screen, well in my case, nothing was standing out. May be one guy was unlucky, but the other guy's review history showed there was not a single good review there. So I did order and purchased from Amazon.I started reading some of the reviews...which made me very nervous...especially the one's about the "Buzzzzzing"..... I still have this TV and it still works "Great"............... I bought this from Amazon, it had the best price I could find, and it also included the free shipping. I think I'm like most people, I just want a big TV with a nice picture.

We received it in mid-Sept 2006 and a month later started noticing a buzzing that would get louder as the TV warmed up.

It doesn't bother me much but drives my husband nuts.

I'll bet they're right only 50% of the time, they would be totally guessing.

What swayed me to the Samsung and what I like most about the it is the look of the TV around the picture.I mounted mine on the wall and was suprised at how much bigger the room feels vs. The people that talk about how deep the blacks are and it being just a little warm, and...These people must have supersonic eyes, 'cause when I went to the local Fry's, they had them all lined up and I couldn't tell the difference AT ALL; and I've had Lasik surgery!You can hear it until you turn the sound up to the mid-20s.I called customer service and the guy was less than helpful.

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