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I’ve always been heavily involved in fandom, but I think Romancelandia’s corner of the Internet is a perfect example of me meeting people on Twitter or Facebook that have transitioned to awesome in-person friendships as well. It’s really fun for me to explore two characters as they speak back and forth through written words. You communicate to me in zero capitals and you think I’m mad if I use punctuation at you, haha.So speaking of online interactions, is the first book in the Cyberlove series where the characters live in the same city yet they still connect a lot online via chatting. Also, there are no dialogue tags in online chats, so all emotions are strictly through the words they are messaging each other. My husband uses all capitals and proper grammar and will correct any typos. Is there a type of online network or program that we haven’t covered yet in Cyberlove but you might be interested writing about in the future?Mary: What do you like the most about your co-writer?

It’s about a grumpy tight end on house arrest who is forced to hire a live-in personal assistance because he lives in the middle of nowhere on Long Island.

The thing about co-writing is that, in my opinion, we’re creating a third writer.

Us writing together, how we plot the romance, how our characters are formed, is neither me, nor him, but a whole new type of author.

I’m dating myself, but my family got our first computer when I was in middle school.

Before that, I didn’t grow up with tech, but as soon as I sat down at our computer, I was hooked.

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