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An ephemeral key pair includes a private ephemeral key and a public ephemeral key.

RSA Archer Enterprise & Operational Risk Management allows enterprises to centralize siloed risk information, more effectively identify, evaluate and monitor business risks, and make more informed risk management decisions.

​With cyber attacks growing more targeted, covert and sophisticated, many security professionals wonder how they can possibly protect their organizations from threats no one has ever seen before. By providing complete visibility into the activity taking place across all of an organization’s endpoints—and by using advanced analytics to identify unusual endpoint behavior—RSA Net Witness Endpoint uncovers the zero day and advanced persistent threats that signature-based tools miss entirely.

Risk management is becoming an increasingly strategic function for many enterprises as they navigate a rising tide of new risks.

This includes dealing with the generation, exchange, storage, use, crypto-shredding (destruction) and replacement of keys.

It includes cryptographic protocol design, key servers, user procedures, and other relevant protocols.

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