Validating dynamically created textboxes

This was a simple process and just required adding a few directives here and there.

Now let's talk about a different scenario where we won't always know how many fields or which fields we will have.

Typing into the form above, you can see that the fields are only valid when both become valid email addresses.

So how would we validate each field individually, the way a user would expect our form to validate? See the Pen Dynamic Angular Forms with ng Form (Working) by Chris Sevilleja (@sevilayha) on Code Pen.

I am creating textboxes dynamically and want to validate to make sure the user can only input an integer. Here is a pseudo code example of what I am attempting: Table Cell td = new Table Cell(); Text Box txt SO = new Text Box(); td. Of course, this requires that you assign an ID to the Textbox you are creating. You should probably be looking at the lost focus event (onblur) if you want to validate the textbox after it is abandoned, or maybe onkeyup if you want to validate each key press on the fly.

I don't think I can use the validators because I don't know what the ID of the textbox is ahead of time. - If you prefer, you CAN add validators dynamically. - You are adding client-side code, so you have to pass the client-side value of the textbox to your javascript procedure.

Since name isn't dynamically generated, then all the fields will validate together as one.

To check if an input is valid, you would use See the Pen Dynamic Angular Forms with ng Form (Non-Working) by Chris Sevilleja (@sevilayha) on Code Pen.

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