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In fact, Steve even acknowledges her superior knowledge on these matters by showing a desire to learn from Clio's work.It's touches like this that ensure that Diana is strong, well-rounded character that isn't defined by her sexual prowess or her combat skills; she has plenty of wit and heart as well.As such, their nighttime liaison in Veld isn’t painted as a hesitant encounter between two beings at cross-purposes or of unequal power; it’s a tender meeting between two characters who appreciate each other for the people they are, rather than the fact they are an attractive man and woman respectively.For this reason, it's probably one of the most significant cinematic romances in recent times.Since she's from a different, all-female society where norms and divisions of this kind don't exist, its only fitting that Diana can challenge our accepted ideas, since she has a fresh, alternative perspective on gender politics.

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In fact, Diana's new friend is visibly stunned when she proceeds to name-drop the twelve volumes of Clio’s teachings on eroticism and pleasure.

Moreover, Steve preparing separate berths for him and Diana to sleep prompts a conversation about the concepts of marriage and sexual decorum.

Impressively, these really entertaining moments are all improvised, but the humor of the scene actually belies a lot of economical character work that’s at play within the sequence, as well as throughout the course of Wonder Woman’s run-time.

The boat scene of Wonder Woman also establishes Diana's connection to Steve Trevor, who is far from being merely the butt of the films' jokes.

True, Diana does firmly establish that she isn’t looking for anything she’s been "lacking," but the fact that he's superfluous to Diana’s sexual needs doesn’t mean he or their blossoming romance is worthless to her. Male characters usually have some sort of prowess or advantage over their female counterparts, but in Wonder Woman, this is obviously not the case.

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