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Oddly enough, the most accomplished athletes-turned-thespians are football players. Simpson's incredible portrayal of an innocent man before an L. But he wasn't much worse than just about every other hoopster who was handed a script. Most barely went to college, much less graduated from Juilliard.Think Alex Karras, Merlin Olsen, Ed Marinaro, Fred Dryer, Carl Weathers. James' work in "Trainwreck" vaulted him into the NBA acting pantheon. Dennis Rodman, "Double Team," 1997Before Rodman started trying to broker peace deals for North Korea, his handlers thought he could parlay his Superfreak hoops act into an action-star movie career.Ray Allen, "He Got Game," 1998The role of Jesus Shuttlesworth called for a great basketball player who could pass for a high-schooler and could actually act.

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The robotic Rodman showed movie audiences what police and NBA fans long knew. Gheorghe Muresan, "My Giant," 1998If you're making an English-language film, it's not a good idea to cast someone in a starring role who can barely speak English.As Kazaam, Fish and countless other audiences could attest, that's not exactly a layup.You're browsing the Game FAQs Message Boards as a guest.Chamberlain was transcendent at a lot of things – basketball, track, volleyball, dating But when it came to acting, he was truly Wilt the Stilt.5.Michael Jordan, "Space Jam," 1996It wasn't so much a movie as it was an animated marketing campaign for Looney Tunes and all things Jordan.

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