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William Parkhill, defending, said Vincent became drawn into the offending when he was isolated after the break-up of a relationship.He moved from adult pornography to child abuse images and went on to seek out more images.He told police he had 20 gigabytes of images and added 'my only interest is in girls'. School fundraiser Vincent helped to organise a Summer Fair at an independent school in South Devon a year before his arrest, where he was photographed being drenched in water on a 'super soaker' device Experts found 4,177 stills and 638 movies of which 680 images and 405 movies showed serious abuse by adults or child rape.They also found chat logs on Skype and other platforms showing him trying to arrange a meeting with a mother so he could use Rohypnol to abuse her nine-year-old daughter.Martin Vincent, 54, from Buckfastleigh in Devon, was caught when he persuaded a girl, 12, in California to abuse herself in her bathroom as he watched live on Skype.Police experts were able to find her by magnifying the small print of prescriptions in the background.Continue reading My name is Tonny Williams and here is a little preview of what you get when you are in my chat room at Gay Cam Shows.I am a slim muscular gay versatile latino boy with a big cock that i lov...

A webcam pervert, who wanted to use a sex drug on a nine-year-old girl, has been jailed after police found one of his victims from the writing on a medicine bottle.

Among the participants is a straight young dad supporting his family, a gay guy from Wales and two straight friends who get intimate for the gratification of their huge gay following.

We had a chat with the documentary’s director Mobeen Azhar to discover exactly what makes these guys tick, and how sex is changing in a world where when anyone can click ‘record’ and become their own personal porn empire – check out the interview in full here.

He has shown true remorse and his acknowledgment of his problem means he will respond well to treatment and is unlikely to reoffend.

unpacks why men are driving to strip and perform sex acts online, and how their explicit virtual world affects their real one.

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