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Mitch, please take an extra 5 seconds and search for topics more interesting, this Coleman/Franken stuff is boring- I already agree. The irony, of course, is reinforcements have arrived in the form of Al Franken and Katherine Lanpher, who are possibly reaching more of an audience here than they are on the radio. When a cause as dedicated as this is bound and determined to go straight to Hell, prudence suggests we get out of the way. Com is a free interactive live webcam chat site for adults where you can chat either via microphone or text chat.Meet sexy men, women or couples from around the world for FREE 1 on 1 live cam to cam chat.

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Chatting with a minor is considered to be as bad as being a minor.Any act to promote or gain profit in any manner (e.g.either monetarily or socially) from the use of my profile, video, pictures or audio in any form my profile is a violation of my privacy and subject to legal action. The Star/Tribune is maintaining via its editorial board and its star columnist Nick Coleman that the right wing of the blogosphere is on the payroll of powerful right wing financiers. I'm told that to many liberals, "Neo Nazi" is almost as bad as "Neocon". Ford Runge is comparing David Strom to the devil - literally. When we had a good economy and government running surpluses, we needed to lower taxes.

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