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Here Currell reveals a selection of the best snacks for athletes.

“If you are looking to fuel your next run or bike ride, a good option is a homemade flapjack.

With 15-20g of protein, 20-30g of carbs, and its fluids, it is almost ‘nature’s recovery drink’.

"Those are the three nutrients which are most important for recovery.

“Tour de France athletes have different physiques and different nutritional demands to weightlifters.

So athletes need to ask: what am I eating this for?

Greek yoghurt is a great source of quality slow-release protein, and there is an increasing range of Greek or strained yoghurts available in your local supermarket.“It’s very easy to do a run or a bike ride, have a recovery shake followed by a good meal like salmon and rice, and then in the afternoon head to the coffee shop and have a large caramel latte and a muffin, which will put 1,300 calories back into your system.If you recover well and eat a good post-exercise meal you often don’t need to snack on too much.” But when the munchies strike, it’s important to know which kind of snack your body needs.Protein helps the muscles to regenerate, increases muscle protein synthesis, and helps your body to adapt to training.Carbohydrates replenish the energy you used in training.

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