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He is in a band called 100 Monkeys, and is about to release his album, Grapes.

_____________________________________________________________________ The album is called Grape, actually, and he never openly admitted to dating Ashley Greene or anyone for that matter so your speculation could be completely inaccurate.

His height is 5 feet 10 inches and Jackson’s weight is assumed to be around 77 kg.

irers amongst his many fans, but he is currently in a long-term relationship. _____________________________________________________________________ Actually when the first person wrote this he might have been in a long term relationship so your the mentally diranged ones.

Jackson’s other major appearance in the TV series includes No Ordinary Family, White Collar, Criminal Minds and others.

He is currently busy in the filming of his upcoming movies, City of Dead Men and Pali Road.

Jackson was also featured in a dramatic Gothic horror-thriller film Hurt in 2008.

Jackson Rathbone has appeared Web series Aim High since 2011 and he has been featured in 16 episodes of the series.

Jackson - who is best known for playing Jasper Hale in the Twilight Saga movie series - is said to have traded in two of his cars for a more family-friendly Lexus Hybrid SUV in preparation for the new arrival.'I have loved my character and I have loved playing Jasper through the years, so if there is an extension of playing Jasper - more so in his own element, maybe go back in time and do a vampire western, show Jasper where he came from - I would be down for that.

After being in Los Angeles for a short time, Rathbone was cast in Disney 411, where he interviewed up-and-coming personalities like Hilary Duff and the sister duo Aly & AJ. In a 2008 interview, he stated it was his first leading role and was his most difficult role to fit into. Rathbone played the role of Sokka in The Last Airbender, a 2010 film based on the animated series.

* I don't know where the above person got their information, but unless it was Jackson himself who wrote it id say it is wrong. As far as I know he has a crush on Ashley Greene but they are not dating. And he dated Ashley Greene for like a little bit, but they wernt really serious about each other.

Also you have no idea that the first person was even talking about Ashley so don't say that because it rude.

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