Who is aj of wwe dating

Corbin, the current Money in the Bank holder, has taken a few losses since getting his hands on the briefcase, but he hasn't lost much in the way of cache while facing down some of the best talent WWE has to offer.

There's no rush for him to successfully cash in and, for now, he gets a match against the company's most legendary active competitor.

We wondered two weeks ago whether things had peaked too early with Summer Slam a month away at the time, and even last week, those sentiments resurfaced when John Cena and Shinsuke Nakamura squared off for the first time ever in a riveting No. So, really, how in the world was Tuesday night's show going to deliver another spectacle that lived up to the hype? It wasn't exactly two hours of filler time, but there was an awful lot of verbal altercation -- and not a lot of payoff.

The exception was once again Cena, who kicked off the show lauding the work of Nakamura from last week, while also patting his own back for the sportsmanship he displayed afterward.

It would set up the fracture and eventual demise of the Wyatt Family, which has been eking down a slippery slope for several years now.

So, please, understand that this is a big deal for your mate. Shock and anger when something disagreeable goes down. So fellas, don't get all twisted and turned into knots when your WWE-loving girlfriend starts swooning over Roman Reigns or Randy Orton.

Weren't we done with the Randy Orton-Jinder Mahal brouhaha?

As of last week, each performer moved on to new and exciting storylines, with Mahal having walked away with the upper hand.

But trust me, for millions of wrestling fans worldwide, the greatest time of year is upon us.

OK, pro wrestling's biggest spectacle might seem a little out of place in the company of those other major sporting events.

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