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spotted at Necole Bitchie Jill Munroe is a Los Angeles-based sports culture analyst and author.You can find her work on sites such as Fox Sports.com, and It was a different feel.” So she went against her first mind which is 1. dating athletes to step into a relationship with someone whose both?Griner alleges fraud as one of the reasons for seeking the annulment.

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Bird says she’s happy the league has become more supportive of gay players, noting that “homophobia hurts the league.” (Her fellow Olympic basketball teammates Brittney Griner, Seimone Augustus, and Angel Mc Coughty are all out, as well.) Bird and Rapinoe first met at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, and found they had a lot in common: Rapinoe is also Seattle-based and plays for the women’s pro soccer team there, the Reign. I think people have this assumption that if you’re not talking about it, you must be hiding it, like it’s this secret. She’s also made an effort to make pro sports more LGBT-inclusive through advocacy with organizations like Athlete Ally. Soccer’s most famous players, and has been out since 2012.During her high school career, she has been successful in scoring 52 dunks in 32 games and has the record of highest number of blocks.During her high school career, she has been successful in scoring 52 dunks in 32 games and has the record of highest number of blocks by female in high school game with 25 shots against Houston Alief Hastings.

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