Who is elizabeth smart dating

When they found the naked body of a woman who had been cut in half, they immediately called for assistance.

Betty felt slightly disconcerted and then shrugged it off, blaming her emotional state on the gray skies and the cold, dreary morning.

She looked again and then realize that this was no department store dummy at all -- it was the severed body of a woman!

With a sharp intake of breath and a stifled scream, she took her daughter away from the gruesome site and ran to a nearby house. The call was answered by Officers Frank Perkins and Will Fitzgerald, who arrived within minutes.

Even the hardened doctors and detectives were shocked at the state of the girls corpse. The victim of the brutal murder was Elizabeth Short, a 22 year-old woman who originally came from Massachusetts.

Shortly after receiving the fingerprints, the FBI had a match for the L. During World War II, she had been a clerk at Camp Cooke in California, which explained why her fingerprints were on file.

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