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This is a Republican, mainstream Republican, that's very similar to the Affordable Care Act.

One reason your insurance premiums have skyrocketed during the past year is that Obamacare requires all health plans to provide “free” annual wellness visits and 15 associated preventive services for which they cannot charge the patient a copayment.Emanuel was ignorant of this fact, yet he enthusiastically helped to create a “reform” law that literally made it illegal to sell a health insurance policy which fails to cover all manner of preventive screenings, including the annual exam that he now tells us is worthless.And even as he was working with the White House to cobble Obamacare together, he was silent as the tomb while the very publication that ran his column last week claimed, “[B]y increasing just five preventive services, clinicians could save more than 100,000 lives per year.” and Dr. The good doctor’s op-ed puts it thus: “Regardless of which screenings and tests were administered studies of annual health exams dating from 1963 to 1999 show that the annual physicals did not reduce mortality overall or for specific causes of death from cancer or heart disease.” Why, then, has Dr.According to a key architect of PPACA, however, “the annual physical exam is basically worthless.” Dr.Ezekiel Emanuel, last heard from claiming that he wants to die at 75 in order to avoid becoming a burden on society, writes in the The good doctor says he’ll forego his annual exam pursuant to a desire to “make the world a better place.” But, as with his professed willingness to depart this vale of tears after three-quarters of a century, he makes it clear that all men and women of good will should follow his example “to ensure there is no doctor shortage as more Americans get health insurance.” This is where the rubber glove hits the road. He is, for example, a long-time proponent of medical rationing for the elderly.

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