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Mark Kirk that Graham was a “bro with no ho.” Graham then gave a somewhat melancholy interview insisting that being single did not make him a “defective person.” Lurking behind the media’s fascination with Graham’s singlehood is an assumption about his sexuality.

Gay rumors have long plagued the senator, and other South Carolina politicians have even implied that Graham is closeted.

[My ex] never hit me, but he did throw me up against a wall.

I didn't know to get out then because I was so insecure.""I was looking for love in the wrong places. I know that working out releases endorphins and makes me feel my best.""Justin and I have this amazing marriage.

The implication that he’s gay Well, your party built a base out of (ostensibly) full-grown adults who believe that meddling in other peoples' sex lives is a vital function of government. (He is currently polling around 1 percent, lagging behind train wrecks like Bobby Jindal and Rick Santorum.) But it’s hard to believe the media’s refusal to take Graham seriously isn’t having some effect on his terrible numbers.

Rather than pressing Graham to explain his apparent support for drone strikes without due process, anchors are forcing him to justify his lack of a wife.

Bunn, 29, stepped out publicly with in New York Monday, where he flashed his pearly whites and gushed about his new girlfriend.

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In fact, the supermodel opens up about the process of learning to love herself — and all the toxic relationships along the way — in the October issue of "I'm trying to change how women think about themselves.

But an analysis of his qualifications shouldn’t rest on the giggling assumption that he’s stuck in the closet.

During our recent journey to Los Angeles, California we met with “The Realest Dude Ever,” Dennis Graham inside of West Hollywood’s Peppermint Club to get some valuable dating tips that include what you should wear on a first date, the type of women to stay away from, and how to be a “real” man.

(Graham has declared that he “ain’t gay.”) These whispers become shouts on the late-night circuit, where comedians like Jon Stewart and John Oliver earn laughs by ridiculing Graham’s ostensibly effeminate mannerisms.

Recently, Larry Wilmore felt compelled to push back against one of his guests, who laughingly stated she thinks Graham is gay.

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