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Starting from mid August to November of 2013, Seamus did not appear in any videos on the hub.

It was later explained in an update that he was sick and not feeling on par, so the other Creatures told him that they wanted him to wait until he feels up to it, taking time off.

His real reason for this is what he calls a side effect from working in Target.

Although Seamus doesn't tell this often, his top excuse is to keep track of all the times he had sexual intercourse with someone or something, like his old Xbox, or the infamous Snorlax plushie, or The Silverback Gorilla, a popular meme in Seamus' community.

He started playing with the Creatures when he got a new computer in early February.

Seamus has been known for the large amount of video 'uploading sprees' where he uploads a large amount of videos in a relatively short amount of time.

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Many of the games he did during this era were primarily Mario hacks, although he had also done games like Mother 3 and F. He would continue to make overhauls on his equipment between early 20.

Seamus "SSo H" O'Doherty is a former Creature and is known for his amount of uploaded videos, sarcastic humor, and deadpan trolling.

He was also known for uploading the most games out of all the Creatures, playing mostly every major release.

He returned in November 2013, starring in his own short "Where's Seamus".

Since then, he has started to appear on the hub regularly again.

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