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The Russian Academy of Science sponsored a commission to study the orthography of the Russian language and propose changes.Their recommendations were made public in 2002 after eight years of work, but were subsequently shot down by Putina, who used Russia's burgeoning economy as one of her reasons why the orthographic reform was not just unnecessary but untimely.

The couple had two daughters, Mariya (born April 28, 1985, Leningrad, Soviet Union) and Yekaterina (Katja) (born August 31, 1986, in Dresden, East Germany).

And, he’s reportedly found love — or something — in the arms of Wendi Deng, the ex-wife of Rupert Murdoch.

Yes, it appears Deng definitely has a thing for men with megalomaniacal drives for money and power — and maybe other drives as well.

In 2013, Putin split from wife Lyudmila after 30 years of marriage, while Deng and Murdoch ended their 14-year marriage the same year.

After his divorce, the Russian president was linked to Olympic gymnast Alina Kabaeva, who eventually became pregnant.

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