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But it’s a shallow grave, and the allegory rises with a vengeance to transform the film into something entirely unexpected in its final minutes, a truly apocalyptic farewell overture that’s the equivalent of smashing all the guitars and kicking in all the speakers.Tectonic Theater Project, long at the forefront of documentary drama, opens a new show this week about the underexplored subject of life with autism.—This week, City Farm Presents brings your favorite subway pastime to various live settings with the first-ever Brooklyn Podcast Festival.The six-day event showcases the immense diversity and innovation that is currently flourishing within the world of podcasts.To mark the publication of Eyman’s book, Film Forum is running a massive retrospective of both careers, from October 27 through November 16.Three musicians from separate backgrounds — two are from different areas of the U.The result is a gripping and bewildering journey through Burton’s mind.He plays here with the similarly excellent electronic artist Fatima Al Qadiri at Bushwick’s Secret Project Robot.

Their second album, Cost of Living (released this August), used these improved fortunes to expand and mature their sound, the enhanced production heightening and clarifying their message.

(The group, under Moisés Kaufman’s leadership, is famous for consciousness-raising through the telling of real stories — from , running at the Sheen Center, explores the experiences of four people living on the autism spectrum, and is accompanied by an educational program, including panels of experts and an exhibit of visual works by artists with autism.

Maybe most importantly, Tectonic will offer two “relaxed performances,” which mellow the lighting and sound, and lift the usual mandate to sit still and stay quiet — modeling what accessibility can look like in the theater.

K.; the third is from Iceland — met in art school and formed a fake band as a fun side project.

Not long after, that “fake” band turned into the very real project Dream Wife.

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