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How the friend is consoled by telling that till you reach the stage, you will be nervous and once you start your Arangetram you would never know that you were once nervous ().One of KB's favorite topics is maintaining the balance between authenticity of a ritual and the repercussions of modernization; How Ramu Sasthri feels humiliated and squirms at the way society is performing the acts unauthentically.(Perfection also sold their ranges to Wards for sale under the Montgomery Ward's label.Click here for the owner's manual for a 1927 Ward's "Windsor" range.Talking about a movie that released way back in 1973, and 30 years later, I still think this is one of the best movies offered by Tamil Cinema.

ealers had trucks which would deliver stoves, wicks, kerosene and other products within a licensed delivery area, and there were small neighborhood shops as well (See the sign at the top of this page.) The Perfection Stove Company sold so many stoves and ranges they also had their own line of cook book!

K Balachander is one of the pillars of the industry who offered variety of scripts and showed the courage to portray strong female protagonists.

To sculpt such characters, one needs to fall in love with them, and KB must have been deeply in love with Lalita (actress prameela), to have etched out a masterpiece.

We would have had KR Vijaya as the obedient daughter-in-law and preached to house wives how to follow the 26423498 rules to keep you husband happy and not question him.

I am proud to have seen KB's movies and still salute him for the sheer intent in making movies with unusual characterization.

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