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Saint Edmund's Church, Wootton, is a small church dedicated to Edmund, King of East Anglia.In 870, the Danes invaded his kingdom, and despite Edmund's gallant attempts to protect it, he was outnumbered and captured.Arreton itself is one of the oldest parishes of the Island, and the largest of the original seven, stretching from the north to the south coast.The church itself was originally the private chapel of the lords of Arreton Manor, which is also Saxon, and mentioned in Alfred the Great's will of 901.Miracles occurred at the site of his burial, and he was canonised.Many Saxon churches in East Anglia and Wessex were dedicated to him.The fourth is believed to have been lost in the major restoration work that took place in the 19th Century.

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It also has the grave of Naval architect Uffa Fox, inventor of the airborne lifeboat.Saint Boniface's Church is the second smallest on the Island, at 48 feet by 12 feet, seating no more than 80 people.Yet despite its graceful size and beauty, it is a Norman church, believed to have been rebuilt by monks who immigrated shortly after the Norman Conquest.What has remained of the Saxon church are Saxon quoins on three of the nave piers.It is believed that they were the corners of the original Saxon nave.

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