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DSDL includes RELAX NG full and compact syntax, Schematron assertion language, and languages for defining datatypes, character repertoire constraints, renaming and entity expansion, and namespace-based routing of document fragments to different validators.

The parser reads XML into memory and converts it into an XML DOM object that can be accessed with Java Script.

(Source: OGC, 2000, Geography Markup Language (GML) v1.0, Document Number: 00-029).

were used in GML 2.0 to replace the DTDs in GML 1.0 due to the shortcomings of DTDs.

The compact syntax aims to increase readability and writability but, since there is a well-defined way to translate the compact syntax to the XML syntax and back again by means of James Clark's Trang conversion tool, the advantage of using standard XML tools is not lost.

RELAX NG has a simpler definition and validation framework than XML Schema, making it easier to use and implement.

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