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You may have to wait a moment as your Kindle detects networks in range.

Kindle automatically scans for available Wi-Fi networks at periodic intervals. If you see a lock symbol next to “connect,” then it requires a password to connect. If necessary, enter the Wi-Fi password, and choose “submit.” Press the Symbol key to enter numbers or characters not present on the Kindle keyboard.

It makes you think that maybe there is a plan to it all even if you can't see it at the time.

I had a misscarriage in hospital at 20 5, i am now pregnant again and had no period in between.

I had a miscarriage in March and when I had my scan to make sure everything 'had gone' the sonographer told me that I was ovulating and that there was no reason to wait if we wanted to try again. I read on the miscarriage association website that there is no link between how quickly you get pregnant after having a miscarriage and having one with the next time.

So we home and tried and I am now pregnant again without having had a period in between. hiya hun,i had a miscarriage at 8 weeks and bled for about 5 days afterwards.started trying straight after and i fell pregnant 10 DAYS after the miscarriage with no period inbetween!!!

I would be so happy if it was and reading this has helped lots.

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The boob pain has subsided now but low back ach is still there.

I read an article that said your cycle returns when h CG levels return to zero and you cant get pregnant in till that happens. My husband and I got pregnant with our third child.

I began bleeding at eight weeks (before any scans etc) and sadly we were told that there was no sign of pregnancy on the scan.

Other activities such as shopping in the Kindle Store and purchasing books do require a connection.

Your Kindle automatically turns 3G coverage off when you connect using Wi-Fi.

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