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However, there are some in English, such as Tea Lit and Forumosa Friends (which is actually partnered/hosted by a wider global matchmaking site).

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You can ask other people here which ones are the most popular at the moment. Just let your work mates, class mates, teachers, and basically everyone in your professional and social circle know that you are looking for a girlfriend (you MUST do this in a respectful, courteous manner).

They will carefully check you out over a period of a couple months (to make sure that you're not crazy) and make introductions for you.

This is the standard, culturally acceptable way to meet women in Chinese culture. The unfortunate thing about online is that all of the good online dating sites are in Chinese.

Listen, are you To get back on topic, there are boatloads of applications on Facebook for this kind of use. Hi folks Was thinking of paying for a membership to contact members on the site. RIP Zhao Ziyang and the patriotic martyrs of June 4th 1989) Hopefully someone here can translate that into Simplified Chinese.

Just wondering if anyone has ever had luck actually meeting people through there? However, I shouldn't mention that here, because it is politics and this is the Dating Forum. Can we change it to something less ideologically charged like China (Currently under defacto control of the illegitimate crypto fascist PRC junta/Beijing entity.

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