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Instead of having separate launchers for each game, which are individually updated and maintained, and each of which also likely having different requirements and specifics for how it works and operates, it makes a lot of sense for us to have a single platform (e.g.launcher) that brings all the games together under a single roof, streamlines our platforms, and provides a single launcher--instead of many of them--to provide the same features those launchers always have, plus more, and additional flexibility to add features into the future.That being said, if my grandfather system can download the updates in a decent time-span without problems, I don't think tons of updates are a huge deal. Oh and plus one for Starien for the Pink Floyd reference!

Everyone needs to be playing the same game, essentially.

Additionally, we've added functionality for the launcher to download future patch data ahead of time to reduce the time required on patch day to get into the game, as well as the ability to stream game data so that the entire game doesn't need to be downloaded for new players, or those just reinstalling.

World of Warcraft has had a launcher for the purposes of file version verification since at least 2003.

If you hate the updates, go back to launching directly from the file (Windows users, not sure what it would be on Mac). So forcing a useless launcher on us and having it require updates, often more than once a week, is bull! God I hope Blizzard returns to making things fun instead of cumbersome. Oh yay, it does AND first I have to wait for BN to update. That was put in at the very least late vanilla/early Burning Crusade.

You'll be fine up until the point where you're missing mandatory game files because of an update you didn't download. Look, 8 days after my first post and there's another BN update. And prior to that if you tried logging in with an out-of-date client, it automatically launched it's own patcher.

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