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Standard controllers can now switch functions between pairs of buttons.If you're used to Japanese Play Station controls, for example, where circle rather than X acts as the de facto "confirm selection" option, then you'll be able to remap your Xbox One controller's A button to B, with B becoming the new A. Hyrb says that the A and B buttons are the only ones that need to be assigned to the controller, leaving users free to remove specific controls entirely — to avoid hitting them accidentally, perhaps — or to map more than one function to the same stick, button, trigger, or paddle.The new lockscreen is designed to give the user the ability to provide feedback on the lockscreen background image directly from the lockscreen itself.The new lockscreen feature, which Microsoft calls the Windows Spotlight, will not only show you beautiful images from Bing, but also images of Windows devices running certain apps for example.

Every Xbox 360 title will not be backwards compatible, it all depends on the publisher giving Microsoft permission to implement it for their titles, but initially there are over 100 titles available.More than 200 authentic routines and over 2,000 dance moves designed by a team of professional choreographers are playable in a variety of immersive party modes designed to keep the dance party moving.Solo dancers can perform their way through dynamic dance campaigns, unlocking in-game content and earning the respect of the much-loved , Harmonix has set the bar for what motion and music games should be.I have no doubt those who used this feature regularly will not be happy about its removal.This is however, another example of how telemetry allows Microsoft to focus on other areas of their software and services instead of spending development time and money on less used features. The new console software is Windows 10 Build 10586, the same build number that was released to Windows 10 Insiders last week, and is expected to be the main Threshold 2 update for PCs which is expected this month.

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