Xcode resources not updating

I accepted the workaround even though it's not exactly an answer to the question as asked.But it's worth noting here that whatever caused it has been magically corrected.Hello everyone I got a strange issues with my x Code.Previously I was using 4.3.2 not have 4.3.3 and in both cases (UIs) my simulator after run was not showing new changes ??

If you are still using this version of the IDE and you don't consider updating it, you can still create SFML applications.I couldn’t use Xcode during this time to get any work done.I spent roughly 8 hours all told downloading, installing, and updating Xcode, much of which could have been bypassed by following two simple rules: When Apple’s servers are overwhelmed they begin delivering artisanal teaspoons of hand-curated data via authentically indigenous pack animals to your computer.Because I'm still using OS X 10.8.5 and no longer doing GUI programing I've had no need to upgrade Xcode beyond what I initially installed 3 years ago.Nowadays I mostly just use Command Line Tools for Xcode to manually compile source code of various utilities I use.

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