Bosnian culture dating

Bosniaks are generally defined as the South Slavic nation on the territory of the former Yugoslavia whose members identify themselves with Bosnia and Herzegovina as their ethnic state and are part of such a common nation, and of whom a majority are Muslim by religion.

The outcome of the war practically divided Bosnia between Serbs and Bosniaks Croats, and to this day there are de facto two countries in one (Bosnian Serb Republic and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina – comprised of Bosniaks and Croats).

It is really difficult to talk about the Bosnian ladies and to completely ignore the political/ethnical situation there.

Thus here are few facts about this mystique country before we continue exploring the beautiful Bosnian ladies.

Please note: Bosniaks (Bosnian Muslims) is not a synonym for Bosnians.

There are around 4 million Bosnians in Bosnia, out of which around 47% are Bosniaks, 38% are Serbs and 15% are Croats.

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