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The majority of the estimated 200,000-400,000 Muslim Romani tend to identify themselves as ethnic Turks, others deny their origin, especially if they are well integrated within the Bulgarian culture and society, also if they are children of mixed couples since they usually have limited to even possibly zero connections to Romani culture, traditions, society or language.

It is possible that the number of Romani does not decrease along with the rest of Bulgaria's population and, according to some estimates, their number may have risen to 600,000 They are not concentrated in specific regions, but are rather spread throughout the country in similar frequencies, not constituting a majority in any Bulgarian province or municipality. ), an exonym that some Romani resent and others embrace.

They are emancipated social group, having higher crime, unemployment, birth, death and poverty rates, and not many of them attend school.It is an Indic (or Indo-Aryan) language — like Sanskrit, Hindi, and Bengali — which belongs to the Indo-Iranian branch of the Indo-European family.The language retains much of the Indic morphology, phonology and lexicon, while its syntax has been heavily influenced by contact with other languages.While Romani have the highest birth rate in Europe and are considered the fastest growing group, and the largest minority, there is controversy about their number.They also tend to have high death and immigration rates.

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