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“There she was treated os a ■ refugee, and everyone looked down on her because she was from Sarajevo and had been monied to a Muslim.” Nadza’s father, from whom Radosavljevic f, is divo'rced, lives in the Croat sector of the di- vided Bosruon ci^ of Mostor. Radosavljevic had spent years in Sarajevo before she ond most of her family fled to Ser- bia after civil waf engulfed Bosnia in 1992. Natibn..)j;',3-5.-8 Section D /,/^Sectlon B , So^on E , — Mbhey— — ,db^ari»T;..7:;^ \ : . aa88lflad'.....1-6 Helicopter crashes into Crater Lake 1 1. Ouzzetu ■ Tfis Wd'ffiaewwc BO'ttr WWwr “said.-The NTSBTvasrquestiomng-’ -It waa n Ot'imnicdlatciy.loiown thccompi^. which is obcnit 1,000 fbet deep at the to,”Guzzetticaid. “He’d already pegged-her'u a survivor and we bail to deliyer,” Hatl^said, medical director of the -- Newborn Center of Gnildrro's-Ho^ta L* • : Ann 'Dee was.27 weeks'old:wben she was bom, , .'biit .wuabo'ul the size o Ta 2(-vradt--^td. : Mother Jeanne Roskin admitted sit was “tern^ fied,” but drew streng A from Jackson* finn belief Ann Dee would make it f The baby wos fed through a drip Abe the day of her birth, she .developed hiartbroblcms, doc-! likely won’t go home until tote Niycmbav But shc’5 bretuhing on Ite TOwn after being ra a respbittbr fiv six .wedcs. Low, IS degrees at Cascade; Notion: High; 107 degrees at Thermal, Calif.

It’s serious.” : that were turned of Tby mayoral decree' In a* region of the country where I .earlier this month. r the first two innings, then retbed 12 straight batters hits in seven Itmmgs wilfi B'ixwriltootitsl'Ttoro Nen ! Aeteaii«.i M«(2af«AMn NR--uiir«araia Ran (n sa-rom ,..(ia Mra SLMM(ia. Syrocusc, which blcw Taj 21-point lead two weeks ago in 0 ; 27-24 loss to East Carolina, sow ; the Gophers (l-I) cut the lead to ; 27-17 on a 13-yard touchdown-’ pass from Cory Sautcr to Greg ! Following a missed 29-yard; field goal by Syracuse’s Oltndo ; Marc, Minnesoto pushed the ball es', pf^ed conservatively on offense '"and missed four field, goals, I u^ on aggressive, blicdng defense :.stifle Miami. Kentucky, which lost week end^ the nation's longest tnojdr'^oliege losing streak at 12 gomes, is 2-2 overall and l-I in the' SEC after its firat league victory since 1993. for one'%uclid6and threw for one os The Cavaliers (4-1, 3-0 Atlantic Coa» Conference) put up two first- '•qnartertouchdowns nnd-Cfroh-threw'a- the rain, holding the Wolfpack to two first dowtu through three quaricre and 138 yards. With its only win over I-AA Marshall in the season opener, N. State would have to finish 6-1 over its final seven games to even qualify for postseason. , Cl CTnson’s Memorial Stadium.' After Oroh's -1-yord dive ond Tiki No. ”I knew it was bn line but it was going pretty good," Pavin said.' ' tional Park wtness^ the crash about- ' “JRescue personnel -are. Ore- • ' ; be-i^tcid’up out of the .water," gon, bos a suiftde area of^bout 21 . DENVER.— Ann Dee Jackson’s parents finally got to show off their firatbom. weighing in at 1 pound, 13.ounc^ for all the world ' to see Friday. The puents said they are iger to get Ann Dee( home, but arc' willihg'to wt- They.-jnst recentlx have bra'able to hold bcr. at the , a mile fronf the Jake’s; shoreline, • scene, but the aircraft baa not been- 'Ranger Kcnl.-Taylor said. ;;$af£[dff Guzze^ air safety-ihyes-— square miles end fl Uatbe'; ■fij|at! D^Ann Dm is the second- smallest prenuture ioftmt to survive. ^ couple said the ex« pcricnce, though traumatic, ^ brought them close* . Since Washington voters gave an enthusiastic nod to a 1993 ballot measure making theirs the first “three strikes” state, 17 other states have enacted such laws; Alaska, Mossaebusetts and Tennsylvonia will consider them soon. not likely to be paroled” in the first place, hd said. Justice Department’s, reseoreh arm; "What people don’t undemond is that most of the horrible offenders get long sentences any- way." ’ . long before politieions used "three strikes” to pilch justice with a baseball slo-. most sutes already had habitual offender:; laws that stiffen penalties with each new con- viction. “three strikes” law, occording to Bonnie Benedetti, Etehvtf assistant district attorney. We may well get very lengthy prison sentences (for repeat offend-; ers) before they get all the way to ‘three ^kes, and you’re oul’ " Alabama has been locking up repeat of- fenders for life under a 1979 low with ques- tionable results. ■ V’ ■ ■**Hf*®« iff parfl^^usi) of a Tettcf Tfdtmoen;. “I sent her the article frra the newspaper and she took it to Belgrade to show (the intemotionol refugee authorities). • Pacific Iron £l Steel will be on hand to cake scrap metal . '■ \* Residenctal.households will be able to dispose of four (4) tires ' 16" and under. '• • Asplundh Tree Expert Company will donate inemimmt r Xr thie ufflath A evidenced in 1994 when, for the first time, congrnsional elections were consciously na- post-Contract politics of explicit promise-' • keeping, which raises the ratio of substance to personality in politics. : If Powell, whose personality sparkles, were to run os the candidate of personality and of exquisitely inexplicit promises (such os to be He praises the Senate bill, but warns that he “a fiscal conservotive with a social con- child chooses abuse. One day he awoke ond set off to earn his doily coins. , MILWAUKEE — Rafael Palmeiro, Chris Hoiles and Jef THuson homered in a five-run fourth inning Imm ' 114 ^ ... “We already hod on habitual criminal sys^^ tern in place,” Ms. Alabama mandates a life sentence on q Please see STRIKES/A2; Reunion on a distant shore Jelica Radosayljevic’s long odyssey of exile ends in Twin Falls ^ Questionable plan . Lf Min Jail ■ - Ma^ jailed on pet^ theft charge and a nioe-vaii^ld drim 'driving Warrant, spends 607 d^ in ja O before being noticed. i:arry ■ Craig's office and a clipping from* The Tfine S-News. hap- ^ pening mth her case," said Filopovic, who was jproftied with her husband, Alexander, by. They made a (photocopy) of it and put it uito her file, and soon she receiv^ pem^ionto come to America." ' An inquiry flom Craig’s Twm Frils offiw arrived at about ibe some time,-Filopovjc- said, ending Radosavljevic’s nearly two-year wait to get out of the former Yugoslavia. “If 'my ° mother had-still-bectt married -to- my-fathcr, — Finally reun JIiadf Bps'niari Nadza Filopovic, embraces her mother, Jatfca Radoeqvijevic, after sha arrived at Twin Fads JUfport Frld^. The article also stated that since the policy has been implemented, the rate of suspensions and tardiness has dropped dra- matically. Sterling, I am incensed at the state of moral decline in our schools today, which 1 at;_ tribute in large port to the wimpiness of so- called authority sick and tired of undisciplined, uncivilized, selficcntcred hood- is an unpleasant but known consequence of a deliber M oedott It is not “harmftir or “injuri- ous," which is the definition of “violent." 'The child is thus “disciplined,” i.e., trained in order to produce character. Toby Rbtft R-Wis., that would e Rccttvelyhalefimding - for Klingual education, abolish bilingual elec- lo^bollots and allow individuals to bring civil suitt^gainst institutions that violate En- -Fri-Sun-12:1S.a:30- the mornings to pay the guard so that ! Alas, that day he could Mme to°go\o*the st^^ owned, but he was certain he wuld upset vre have compleiulwu^ - M no monw at all, He stood outside, famous man ai^ ^il ^ reputation, ctrcl^ you see. it)und««lhcy.nrefn*ofthaltroub Ie.’‘ - *n Tien you are lucky.” Hillel Md. ..^a“a;pi VP0ai Ot Md 4 0 10 t Px MS 40 1 I UMI S 1 2 1 ruid 1004 ocma I 444 VIA4CI SO I 4 4444 UWM S410 Owona 4010 imanrf S I I 3 eimit soio i Ma so i o A/tmd SO I 0 Se Wn ' 10 I 4 tkfpro 4 40 0 Fnip 44 40 Red Sox 5.

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