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Conversely, he has also been vocal in his support of the LGBTQ community, wearing Gay Pride shirts during his concerts and supporting close friend Frank Ocean when he came out as bisexual in 2012.While there’s been confirmation on who Tyler is referring to in his new lyrics, fans speculating about the identity of the purported lover on sites like Genius and Kanye To The have identified someone named Wyatt as the most likely candidate.These two started dating in November of 2011 and officially called it quits in 2015. After they broke up, it seemed like things were never going to be the way they used to between these two.Louis was about to become a father to a baby he was expecting with Briana Jungwirth and Eleanor had kind of slipped out of the spotlight.On the interlude “Sometimes…” a radio DJ asks for any requests, and a mystery man asks for “the one about me.” Tyler then launches into the love song “See You Again,” which he says is dedicated to someone with “rose to the cheeks” and “dirt-colored eyes.” Many are claiming that Wyatt is the mystery man who makes the request.

Directioners will remember that back in the day One Direction released a song called, "Back For You" which was apparently about their girlfriends at the time.

” In one of his verses, he raps “Next line will have them like ‘woah’ / I been kissing white boys since 2004.” Tyler is known for his exaggerated personality, often times saying things for shock value, but many believe this admission to be a truthful one. According to OFWGKTA’s Reddit, he reportedly dated model Milan Bertone for a brief time in 2011, and she even appeared in the music video for the single “She.” In 2016, Tyler was rumored to be in a relationship with Kendall Jenner, as he joked with her during a concert at Coachella and the two were later seen going on a date at the Cheesecake Factory.

Both parties quickly shot the rumors down, however.

Louis Tomlinson has been teasing his new single "Back To You" with Bebe Rexha for the past couple of days.

However, he just revealed what the song is about and we can't but wonder if it has something to do with his current girlfriend, Eleanor Calder.

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