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Always thinking this was the physical symptom, I never sought assistance from a higher plane. It is also envisioned as either a goddess or sleeping serpent.

It is powerful and care should be taken to remain positive and forthright when exercising Kundalini.

I think of them often, I thank my guardian angels that lead them to me, or me to them I do not know which.

Mikaku and Putu helped me with everything, and when I left Bali, I didn’t feel a failure as I did when I left the Land of Oz – I felt guided but mostly, I felt understood.

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But let me explain how I got there, as the road was rocky and not without pot holes.

The response was instantaneous, and we arranged to meet that afternoon.

It happened that they had just visited a Balian, told him about me, and he wanted to help. Leaving in the taxi for our rendezvous, I was literally weak at the knees.

I do not know what he did to me, my eyes were closed and at times I thought I was going to howl with emotion, instead silent tears welled and fell as my third eye was opened, And still the same Indonesian tune played.

With love, Hannah xoxo We have worked with dozens of Balians and healers in Bali over the last couple decades and have found a handful of what we feel are the most exceptional and gifted for a variety of treatments.

It may possible to arrange sessions with particular healers that excel in a modality that may benefit you.

The day turned into night with many 100,000s rupiah changing hands, me being “cleansed“ in the ocean fully clothed and drinking ocean water, a rash ensued on my face, a sinus infection the next day that rendered me bedridden; if this is being cleansed, I thought, I am good a staying dirty! Looking down the list, I found a few lines that appealed to me – it was an account of a man called Cam; and his journey towards healing.

He had been assisted by a man named Mikaku and his wife Putu; and after a quick Google stalk, I decided they looked kind, were probably not serial killers of those looking for enlightenment, and sent them a quick email.

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