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Her voice was good but it never really wow'ed me either so I think for me she was the reason I understand that the personality does play a big part in becoming a star, because she was always in the middle of the pack but I can barely remember her except for her vocally impressive final LCP, but still there was no spark in her personality for me. 2 Homework Wins: I'm pretty sure the only three that won more than one Homework Assignment were Ali, Marissa, and Samuel, but I could be wrong. Xv B1g N14 19 - Matheus Fernandes (S1 - 8th) Matheus had the confidence of a 6ft man and that's originally what I liked about him, he had this "sure I'm different but I can rock it like the best of them" attitude, however it was this attitude that started making me like him less and less. Blake Still in the running: Nellie, Charlie, Aylin & Shanna So now we finally arrive at the elusive top 5, I'm sure they might not be your faves but these were certainly the contestants I was rooting for throughout the show, what are your guesses? T5PM 21 - Mario Bonds (S2 - 10th) I'm not going to lie that I instantly rooted for Mario when I found out he was blind, I know it's stupid to not even base it on talent at the time but he truely had the underdog story that is true to glee, HOWEVER I then I saw him on the show. It seems the praise and the h/w challenge wins got to his head a lot and his performances suffered for it, we as Glee fans like to root for those who either are purposefully being a caricature of themselves or just purely humble and there wasn't even a fine line with Matheus instead it became all ego. As soon as I saw the Edge of Glory promo I instantly thought he looked like the older brother of one of the Mc Kinley seniors and that wasn't a good sign, the fact that he'd only been singing for 6 months was also obvious to me with his time in the studio being a disaster and his LCP being very underwhelming.All in all I just think that Maxfield wasn't meant for the Glee Project but I'm sure he'll go on to do great in whatever he wants to do. 23 - Taryn Douglas (S2 - 13th/Withdrew) It's hard to judge Taryn because we rarely saw much of her and what we did see was her being sad and suffering from self-confidence issues, but in terms of voice I do think had she had the right attitude she could've made it to the half way mark because it sounded like she did have quite a strong and controlled voice.Even though I can't even mention a single thing that popped out about her (other than leaving) I didn't want her in last place because I found myself rooting for her to get over her fears (which is something I can't say about the other 3 before her) and go from strength to strength.Now there's no denying Mario has a fine voice and if we were just basing this on vocals alone he'd be much higher up but it's his attitude that has put him this low, I found him egotistical, entitled and rude a lot of the time even before people on RTV were mentioning it or just passing it off as just a once off but as soon as that side came out of him I no longer saw him as someone you could root for and most certainly not someone I'd want to see on Glee. His LCP's were very over the top and he really needed to reign it in but I really do admire how much confidence he has. No more clues except I promise it's not an all girl top 5, but I will be putting up the next 5 tonight or tomorrow so who do you think it'll be?

These businesses have somehow turned into a girlfriend in a weird way,” the actor reports.

Cameron was doing it and I thought it looked fun so I thought I'd try it out.

I’m not a big fan of him personally but I am guilty of jamming to one or two of his songs if it happens to come on the radio xx Filming with the Glee cast has been such a good time :) Sorry I’ve been away from my tumblr for so long, yeah? Answering all the questions I can in the next hour.

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For most up-to-date information on the tour and information any VIP Events, etc., see the Celtic Thunder website. Purchasing a Meet & Greet does not guarantee which Celtic Thunder members or Special Guests will be at any given Meet & Greet.

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