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While the God of Guns can access the gun's full potential, she can only access 30 percent of its powers. Though he is born with powerful abilities, he dislikes using them.He dreams to follow his father’s footsteps and become a musician, an idea his mother strongly opposes to initially.In the end, he succeeds in collecting the five elemental powers and becomes the legendary Zhong Ji Tie Ke Ren.His biggest motivation for developing his power and guitar skills is Han, a girl he met when he was a child and has liked ever since. Position in the family: Mother of Xia Yu (夏宇), Xia Tian (夏天), and Xia Mei (夏美). She wants her children to lead normal lives, so she sealed Xia Tian and Xia Mei's powers with a pair of "Feng Long Tie" (封龍貼 / Seal Dragon Patch) since they were young. Despite her tough exterior, she desires the closeness and comfort of a normal family life.

In their statement on Monday, they affirmed that both work and family life will continue ahead.

The only people who enjoy her cooking are Demon Hunter, Jiu Wu and herself, which explains why she doesn't stop making food even though everybody else protests.

She divorced Ye Si Ren because he was irresponsible as a father and unfaithful as a husband.

Nicknames: Because of her manly personality, people usually refer to her as "Xiong Ge" (雄哥 / Big Brother Xiong).

People including her father Xia Liu, her ex-husband Ye Si Ren, and her eldest son Xia Yu.

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