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Amid religious revisionists' efforts to turn gender into self-expression and marriage into free-for-all groupings, now we face the impact of devalued sex.

The much-maligned purity culture is taking its toll on young Christians. It's a physical and spiritual union between husband and wife within a lifelong covenant reflective of Christ and His Church.

Now Regnerus is turning his attention to unmarried Christians.

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The name on his ID card, Nguyen Thi Trang, indicates he was designated a woman at birth.Concluding the routine, he pulls up his vest, flashing a washboard stomach, though he stops at the pecs.They’ll remain covered during the upcoming competition, too, but by a bikini top, since he will be part of the women’s division.Previous trends saw younger Christians leave the church during college years and inevitably return after marriage and family.Unmarried 20 and 30-something Christians could lose sight of churches' vital role in their lives."All this puts pressure on American pastors, operating as they are in a free religious market," Regnerus concludes.

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