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Auto CAD's built in ATTSYNC command can correct this.

Issue the command, press enter to and pick any insert of your block, press enter to confirm.

You will find the clipboard viewer in the accessories or system tools section of the Windows start menu.

If you don't have this program you will need to use the Add/Remove Programs applet of the Windows Control Panel to add it.


Dot Soft makes no warranty, either expressed or implied, as to the fitness of this information for any particular purpose.

You will have the definition in the current drawing for latter use.

Add Descriptions to Blocks Later versions of Auto CAD have the ability to add descriptions to the block definitions in the drawing.

To make the block available for inserting into other drawings, it will need to be WBLOCKED to a separate DWG file.It will be in the System Tools section of the Windows Setup tab.When you look at the clipboard viewer, you should see that the Windows clipboard has limited the data when presented in certain 'flavors'.Block Geometry Properties The component geometry used to create blocks should be created with a layer of 0, and other properties (especially color) set to a BYBLOCK setting.That way it will take on the properties of the layer it's inserted onto, or the specific properties you specify in the properties dialog. For example if you create your block geometry on layer BLOCKGEOM, then insert them on a layer like INSERTS, you will find that layer INSERTS cannot be purged, even though there are no visible objects (when the layer BLOCKGEOM is frozen).

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